Hyperdeck is an all-new immersive, virtual reality that adds WIND, HEAT, and EARTH movement to the VR sensory experience.

Virtual reality hyperdeck picture

Up to 4 players enter into a dynamic virtual world featuring a full-motion floor and multi-sensory effects like strong winds, heat, and earth-rattling movements.

Virtual reality game spectators

The game continues outside as spectators help or challenge players via tablets located around the exterior of the Hyperdeck stations.

Virtual Reality Environmental Effects

Hyperdeck incorporates real-time practical effects to make the experience feel real.

Heat – Heat engulfs players through lava fields, explosions, and more.

Wind – Wind effects rush over players, simulating light-speed warp or a freefall through the skies.

Earth – Players feel rumbles underneath and heave, pitch, and roll while soaring through the skies.

Players Love It!


Dream Savers Virtual reality game for Hyperdeck

Dreamsaver: A group of Dreamsavers travel into a child’s dream to deliver an epiphany and are stopped by a nightmare. Multiple endings and a variety of blasters and power-ups make for a rich experience that evolves with the players.

HAIR Virtual reality game for Hyperdeck VR

H.A.I.R.: H.A.I.R. imagines a world where a 1980s guitar hero becomes a villain in a post-apocalyptic world. Players fly through the night collecting crystals and destroying robotic henchmen. Breathtaking environments, spine-tingling effects, and a soaring soundtrack make H.A.I.R. one sweet ride.


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